Father’s Daydream

Father’s DayDream On Father’s Day, I met with my Brother-In-Law Rick and we rode through his Walnut Creek neighborhood hills on the mountain bikes. It was an amazing day with family and fun, and I Read more…


A hot Summer requires occasional respites. We drove to Groveland, CA where we sampled the offerings at Exchequer Bike Park on Lake McClure. It was a fun and interesting day that was filled with some great downhills and great people.


In a feature that departs from mountain biking just a bit, I have decided to share my 2018 backpacking trip to Graveyard Lakes in the Sierra Nevada.


As the proud owner of a new Ibis Ripmo v2, I wanted my first ride to be one for the books. To that end, I called my Patrick, riding buddy, and we met at the Soquel Demonstration Forest lot to ride the Flow Trail.

Carolina on my Bike

Our climb up to Pilot Rock was an exercise in pain and endurance. My legs were shot by the previous day's 16+ mile ride with over 2000 feet of climbing up steep inclines and over rocky, rooty obstacles. Pilot Rock was an ascent that, to put mildly, hurt. But the payoff was worth the effort!

Ripmo 2 Shock!

I have been looking for ways to research the bike that would eventually replace my beloved 2016 Santa Cruz Bronson CC. I was looking to buy a top-level bike in the next few months, and I wanted my purchase to be an informed one.

Pietro Party

My Brother Pete and I have been riding together for a long time. It was a great break to be able to ride mountain with Pete. Rancho Canada Del Oro was the perfect spot!

Ripmo 2 Dreams

With my recent discovery of bike park riding, I feel like the Bronson might be best off riding local trails. I'd like to get a new bike that is better-suited for the kind of riding that I want to emphasize as I move forward (assuming we ever get to travel again).