Angelfire Heaven

On my road trip to Brevard, I stopped for two days at Angelfire, NM to ride the bike park. I loved it!

King(man) of the Hill

The 2020 Road Trip takes me to Kingman, Arizona where I ride the toughest trail in town. Beale Loop is short, but challenging!

Back Woods

A long ride from the top of Mount Umunhum, all the way to the bottom, and home again.

Joaquin Roll

I met Zack on Reddit. He was new in town and was looking for someone who could show him around the San Francisco Bay Area trail systems. I was free, I was bored, I said "sure".


I was lucky enough to be able to take a week and bring my family to Durango, Colorado to relax and to ride some trails.

Head OverEnd

Head OverEnd A fantastic and challenging ride at Ned Overend Bike Park in Durango, Colorado. https://youtu.be/v2Q4TTz3ZNs


To start out my Durango mountain bike excursion, I chose to re-ride the only trail I was already familiar with; Twin Buttes.

Lowell Expectations

I took the family on a quick road trip to Durango, and we stopped on our first night in Flagstaff, Arizona.