Ripmo 2 Shock!

I have been looking for ways to research the bike that would eventually replace my beloved 2016 Santa Cruz Bronson CC. I was looking to buy a top-level bike in the next few months, and I wanted my purchase to be an informed one.

Pietro Party

My Brother Pete and I have been riding together for a long time. It was a great break to be able to ride mountain with Pete. Rancho Canada Del Oro was the perfect spot!

Ripmo 2 Dreams

With my recent discovery of bike park riding, I feel like the Bronson might be best off riding local trails. I'd like to get a new bike that is better-suited for the kind of riding that I want to emphasize as I move forward (assuming we ever get to travel again).

Pressure Fit

My bike shop takes up a small amount of room in the corner of my garage. This is to facilitate all the other things I do there. Whether it's making beer, entertaining guests, or wrenching on bikes, I need space to get that stuff done.

Wilder Side

With the weather warming up and the sun coming out. Many times recently, it has been tempting to hit some of the local trails on the bike. With how full they have become, being the only place a lot of folks can get out and still say close to home. I have been denying myself the enjoyment in favor of safety. I tend to stay home when a lot of riding opportunities surface.


One of the major downhill rides from my trip to Ashland, Oregon in October, 2019. Ashland Outdoor Adventures took us to the top and dropped us off for the 12 mile trip back into town.


My neighbor recently got a new bike from his Brother-in-law. It's a first-generation Yeti, and it's awesome. He has been dying to get it out on the trails near our house, so I finally arranged the time and we got the kids together and headed out. 
Calero Corona Title

Calero Corona

It's been almost 2 weeks since my ride in Los Gatos, and three weeks since the Shelter In Place order went into effect here in California. The Los Gatos Ride was WAAAY too crowded for my taste, and I'm going nuts not being able to ride.