On a rare sunny day in early March, I took a few hours to run out to my local trailhead and shake things up just a little bit. I reversed the direction of my typical ride and got humbled by climbing up my "downhill" trail.

Alone Together

It's an interesting time. With all that is happening in the world, we need to be careful and act wisely when it comes to how much time we spend with others outdoors.

Trestle – Winter Park, CO

In September of 2018, I took a 3-week road trip around the western states with my camera and my mountain bike. While on that trip, I randomly drove through the Rocky Mountains and, like many before me, fell in love with Colorado. On the advice of a friend, and while looking for a place to ride for the day, I stopped in Winter Park to ride my first ever bike park.


I won't lie - it's been a rough week. We have experienced several family tragedies, and my time is tight. (Thank you all for the well wishes, I really to appreciate all the positive feelings!) It's been tough to get out on the bike.

Kevin Chau 1940-2020

I'm taking a short break from posting to attend to a few personal matters. I hope to be back very soon. Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to seeing you out on the trails.

Five in 5

Every rider has tips and tricks they use to improve their riding experience. Here are five quick ideas I have had, or that I have adopted from friends in order to make my ride days easier and less stressful. 

Update: Tree Trails

Just a short and sweet update on the fallen tree situation on the trails near U.C. Santa Cruz. It looks like the entire trail has been opened up and is safe to ride again.

Bike Room

Kids are great, and I recommend them to anyone who can afford them. I'm fairly partial to mine, and I tend to give them a lot of leeway in terms of allowing them to have a full and rich childhood. I built them a playhouse, got them bikes, and now I am adding a spot in the backyard for them to put their bikes in the dry months.