Prepping for Pisgah

Prepping for Pisgah The leaves are turning in North Carolina, and the East Coast weather is getting wetter and cooler. On Wednesday, my bike and I will be boarding a plane and flying for 11 Read more…


Platforming Back StoryI have been riding for over 40 years. I have been riding “seriously” (for transportation, racing, or generally not just fucking around) for over 30 years. In that time, I have enjoyed watching Read more…

Riding Mt. Ashland in Ashland, OR

Riding Mt. Ashland in Ashland, Oregon One of the major downhill rides from my trip to Ashland, Oregon in October, 2019. Ashland Outdoor Adventures took us to the top and dropped us off for the Read more…

A Super Fun Run Up St. Joe’s & Overgrown

A Super Fun Ride up St. Joe’s & Overgrown Any responsible owner of an automobile knows that their vehicle needs to be regularly maintained in order to perform optimally. I am not particularly responsible, but Read more…

The Home Bike Shop is Coming Along Nicely

The Home Bike Shop is Coming Along Nicely I have been working on my bike shop for a few years. Ever since I was able to secure 2 workbenches from the auction of a closing local Read more…

Apple Watch – Series 5

Apple Watch – Series 5 I got my Apple Watch Series 5 yesterday. I unboxed and set it up, and I’m looking forward to testing it against my various other gadgets. It’s stylish and light Read more…

A Tale of Two Brake Pads

A Tale of Two Brakepads Not much to see here. I just swapped out my pads, they really needed it. Before After

A quickie up St. Joe’s

A Quickie up St. Joe’s I had a little bit of time this morning since I have taken the day off to get the tires changed on my forerunner. I threw the bike in the Read more…